Welcome to Writer Wednesdays

This has been a year of change in my career and having to figure out how to deal with that change. And so, of course, I thought I should write about it and hopefully help or inspire other authors in the process.

Let’s go back in time a little bit. Late last year, I was burned out. While I had worked long and hard to have a career as a romance author and particularly at Harlequin, some grueling writing schedules and having to adhere to certain parameters in my stories had finally caught up with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very appreciative of Harlequin’s support, my wonderful editors there, and the fantastic readers who have read my books. But I just hit a wall and felt I had nothing left in the creative well. I had to do something I never would have imagined myself doing — renegotiating the back end of my contract so that I could have more time to write and turn in the remaining books. I can’t tell you how nervous I was to do that because I’ve always been the type of person who gets work in on time or often early. That dates back all the way to elementary school homework. Little did I know that less than a year later Harlequin would announce that my line (Harlequin Western Romance, formerly Harlequin American Romance) would be closing in June 2018.

Before that announcement, however, I had to drag myself out of the creative funk and what turned out to be a hormonal shift that left me feeling way more anxious than I usually am. Gradually, that happened. I got on medication to help the hormone imbalance, took time to think about where I wanted to go next in my career, attended some conferences for inspiration and the latest industry information, and started making a plan. During these Writer Wednesday posts, I’m going to be talking about various aspects of how I pulled myself out of the funk and how I’m approaching a necessary pivot in my career. I’ll also be talking about timely topics that affect writers and other tidbits I learn along this writing journey. I hope you’ll go along for the ride.

And don’t forget, each Monday here on the blog will be devoted to the week’s #UpbeatAuthors motivational topic, and Fridays are all about me fangirling over something I’m really enjoying, be that movies, TV shows, books, music, websites, or whatever else strikes my fancy.

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