The Power of Writing it Down

I’ve always been a tactile person when it comes to task lists, calendars, and the like. When I was in school, I always kept physical lists of my assignments — starting in first grade. It’s no different now. I have a journal with lined pages in which I dedicate a page to each week. On Sundays, I write out two sections on these pages for the week ahead:

1. A daily chart where I can check off tasks I want to do each day, everything from exercise for an hour to writing 2,000 words. I get a powerful surge of accomplishment each time I put one of the little check marks in this chart.

2. The list of Big Goals for the week — things like updating my website, finishing my financial records for end of year, and getting out a newsletter to my readers.

This year I’ve also added a big wet-erase wall calendar on which I’ve written what I’ll be working on each month. Books I’m writing are noted in blue, editing in green, planning in brown, due dates in red, and travel in orange. This is a great way to see my year at a glance, and since it’s wet-erase I can make changes easily if something unexpected comes up that necessitates a change in my schedule.

There is a definite power to writing goals down and even sharing them with others. It’s been my experience that they are more likely to be accomplished than goals that are just floating around in my my head.

Do you keep physical lists/calendars? If not, what works best for you?

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