The Awesomeness of Stranger Things 2

Warning, there are SPOILERS ahead for season 2 of Stranger Things if you haven’t seen it.

If you grew up in the 1980s, this show brings back a lot of memories…as well as questions about why we thought those outfits and hairdos were awesome. The Duffer Brothers’ taps into so much nostalgia for me while also presenting a thrilling, edge-of-my-seat tale. Below is a list of things I loved about season 2.

  1. The fact that Hopper has been hiding and protecting Eleven for almost a year after her disappearance. Their father/daughter relationship, especially in light of the fact that he lost his daughter and she’s never really had a family she can remember, is just beautiful. It’s just the perfect mixture of sweet, caring, angst and sometimes volatility.
  2. The fact that Nancy and Jonathan got together. Yes, I was shipping this all last season!
  3. That said, I like Steve a lot more this season. I love how he was the big brother/caretaker figure for the kids during their dangerous adventures.
  4. Even though I ship Hopper and Joyce, I did really like her boyfriend Bob, played awesomely by Sean Astin. And I loved that after he helped save the day, dying in the process, Will drew him as a superhero, cape and all. Bob Newby, superhero.
  5. The sweet awkwardness of first love between Lucas and Max and Mike and Eleven. Mike’s sorrow at losing her was just brilliantly shown by actor Finn Wolfhard this season. And his face when he finally sees her again was priceless.
  6. At the Snow Ball at the end, my heart broke for Dustin, who is so adorkably cute. I’ve been that wallflower with no one to dance with. After he tried so hard to capture the coolness of his new friend Steve for himself, it was heartbreaking to see none of the girls wanting to dance with him. So it was incredibly sweet for Nancy to go over and ask him to dance and to tell him that girls that age were stupid, that he should give them a few years and then they’ll look at him differently.
  7. As usual, the music.

    What were your favorite developments in season 2?

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