Prior to becoming a full-time author, I worked as a print journalist for newspapers and magazines. That experience plus my fiction work writing for multiple publishers has led to a lot of experience with editing copy. I have used that experience to line edit and critique for fellow authors. I also have line edited for publisher Thomas Nelson.

I was thrilled when author Nancy Warren was nominated  for a 2015 RITA Award, the top award for published romance fiction, for her book Blueprint for a Kiss, a book I edited.

What You Can Expect

If you choose to have me edit your chapter, partial or full manuscript, the following will be included:

1. Line edits for spelling, grammar, repetitive words or phrases, and punctuation
2. Critique for continuity, characterization, plotting, pacing, point of view, showing vs. telling and similar big-picture issues
3. Notations of what I believe you’ve done particularly well

Basically, I will point out anything that I believe would make an editor or agent more likely to reject your manuscript or that would make it not ready for independent publishing.

I will accept partial or full manuscripts for editing.


– $2.50 per double-spaced page. Submissions must be double-spaced, at least 12-point Times New Roman, Courier New or similar font, with 1-inch margins, submitted in .doc or .docx format. Please do not expand out to the edge of the page, eliminating margins. NOTE: Manuscripts that are not submitted using these specifications will be reformatted to adhere to these specifications because they are what I use to set my pricing, and thus may have more pages for which you’ll be charged. I use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes and Comment functions to edit manuscripts and will return your edited work to you in a timely fashion. Typically, a full manuscript will take one week to ten days to fully edit.

If you are interested in my editing services, please contact me using the Contact link above.

Note for first-time clients: In some circumstances, I may edit your first three chapters and return those to you with my edits/comments if I find that the manuscript needs substantial work and that I’m making the same types of comments frequently. This will give you the opportunity to take my edits and revise the entire book based on those if you choose while also not charging you for a full-manuscript edit when the book may not be ready for that.


“If you’re looking for an editor, I highly recommend Trish. In particular, she is an outstanding copy editor. She also has a strong eye for story development and lots of experience in the publishing industry. She makes an outstanding partner in the writing-editing-publishing process!”

— Beth Pattillo, author of Jane Austen Ruined My Life

“Trish is an excellent editor, both for line/copy and for content. She is prompt and professional, and I believe the changes she suggested improved my manuscript substantially and helped me get agent representation. I definitely recommend her.”

— D.B. Sieders, author of the Southern Elemental Guardians series

“Trish is a tremendous help on both line and copy edits. I really appreciate her professionalism and prompt service.”

— M K Scott, author of The Painted Lady Inn mystery series

“Trish’s insightful comments were very useful, and her timely turnaround was appreciated.”

— Ruth Kaufman, author of My Life as an Extra

“Trish’s editing input was hugely helpful and she turned around my manuscript quickly, which I appreciated. I’d definitely recommend her!”

— Jenny Gardiner, author of Kindle #1 bestseller Slim to None

“I’ve recommended Trish’s services to all of my writer friends. She has a unique way of showing writers how to improve their craft, regardless of what level they’re at. Trish edited my very first manuscript with a gentle and guiding hand. A year later, I had a signed contract for my first publication.”

— Cynthia Gail, author of Winter’s Magic

“As a beginner writer, Trish’s comprehensive critique was invaluable to me. Her remarks were always framed in a positive way, and supported and improved my writing skills. Thank you, Trish!”

— Darcy Flynn, author of Keeper of My Heart

“Quick turnaround, straightforward notes, finding all the nit-pickies and asking big-picture questions, all while being competitively priced. I will definitely use Trish again.”

— Mara Jacobs, author of the Anna Dawson’s Vegas series