Prior to becoming a full-time author, I worked as a print journalist for newspapers and magazines. That experience plus my fiction work writing for multiple publishers has led to a lot of experience with editing copy. I have used that experience to line edit and critique for fellow authors. I also have line edited for publisher Thomas Nelson.

I was thrilled when author Nancy Warren was nominated  for a 2015 RITA Award, the top award for published romance fiction, for her book Blueprint for a Kiss, a book I edited.

What You Can Expect

If you choose to have me edit your chapter, partial or full manuscript, the following will be included:

1. Line edits for spelling, grammar, repetitive words or phrases, and punctuation
2. Critique for continuity, characterization, plotting, pacing, point-of-view, showing vs. telling and similar big-picture issues
3. Notations of what I believe you’ve done particularly well

Basically, I will point out anything that I believe would make an editor or agent more likely to reject your manuscript or that would make it not ready for independent publishing.

I will accept partial or full manuscripts for editing.


– $2.50 per double-spaced page. Submissions must be double-spaced, at least 12-point Times New Roman, Courier New or similar font, submitted in .doc or .docx format. Please do not expand out to the edge of the page, eliminating margins. I use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes and Comment functions to edit manuscripts and will return your edited work to you in a timely fashion.

If you are interested in my editing services, please contact me using the Contact link above.


“If you’re looking for an editor, I highly recommend Trish. In particular, she is an outstanding copy editor. She also has a strong eye for story development and lots of experience in the publishing industry. She makes an outstanding partner in the writing-editing-publishing process!”

— Beth Pattillo, author of Jane Austen Ruined My Life

“I’ve recommended Trish’s services to all of my writer friends. She has a unique way of showing writers how to improve their craft, regardless of what level they’re at. Trish edited my very first manuscript with a gentle and guiding hand. A year later, I had a signed contract for my first publication.”

— Cynthia Gail, author of Winter’s Magic

“As a beginner writer, Trish’s comprehensive critique was invaluable to me. Her remarks were always framed in a positive way, and supported and improved my writing skills. Thank you, Trish!”

— Darcy Flynn, author of Keeper of My Heart

“Quick turnaround, straightforward notes, finding all the nit-pickies and asking big-picture questions, all while being competitively priced. I will definitely use Trish again.”

— Mara Jacobs, author of the Anna Dawson’s Vegas series

“Trish is an excellent editor, both for line/copy and for content. She is prompt and professional, and I believe the changes she suggested improved my manuscript substantially and helped me get agent representation. I definitely recommend her.”

— D.B. Sieders

“Trish’s editing input was hugely helpful and she turned around my manuscript quickly, which I appreciated. I’d definitely recommend her!”

–Jenny Gardiner, author of Kindle #1 bestseller Slim to None