Winter Longing

Originally written as Tricia Mills

Winter Longing

Winter Craig finally gets up the nerve and tells her long-time friend Spencer that she likes him as more than a friend. The best part? Spencer likes her as more than a friend too.

With the perfect boy to love and be loved by, she begins her senior year at her small Alaska school and indulges in the dream of becoming a costume designer for the movie industry. Life is perfect — until tragedy strikes.

Winter’s perfect life turns upside down as she deals with an unbearable loss, doubts about her future, a best friend whose home life is getting worse by the day, and unexpected feelings for an unexpected boy.

Note: This is the second edition of this book, the first time it’s been available outside the U.S. or in electronic form. It was originally released in mass-market paperback form under the author name Tricia Mills from Razorbill Books.

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Raves & Reviews

“Tricia Mills offers a powerful story of first loves, loss, coming of age 
and friendship with Winter Longing – which I can only say was spectacular! 
If Winter Longing is any indication of the talent that Tricia Mills has to offer the world, 
all I can say is that she better be ready for an amazing ride to the top of the pile!”

— Book Crazy blog

“Winter Longing is one of the best books this year, and has made its way 
in my heart as a new favorite.”

— YA Addict

“If you love a good romance story with love, life and meaning, read this book.”

— Books with Bite blog

“Exceptionally touching and heartbreaking, Winter Longing will surely 
strike a chord within you.”

The Bookologist