The Heart of the Matter

Book 1: Kindle World: Vampire Diaries

The Heart of the Matter

“She was burning. Even before she was fully awake, Caroline screamed and jumped to the far corner of the bedroom, the only spot not blanketed in the sunshine pouring through the window. Wincing, she pulled her hand up and saw that her daylight ring wasn’t on her finger. ‘What the hell?’ …”

The busy underworld demons of Mystic Falls walk in daylight unharmed. That’s because daylight rings protect them from the punishing sunlight that afflicts most vampires. Protect them, that is until, one morning they wake to find their skin burning … and precious, life-preserving rings, missing. For Elena, Caroline, Rebekah, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, even Klaus, a hybrid vampire-werewolf, the missing jewelry is a calamity. How could they have all had their rings removed without their knowledge, while they slept? Trapped with no source of blood in the underground caverns beneath Mystic Falls, the vampires are powerless, doomed. Forget about saving the day! Can the ever practical and magically resourceful Bonnie Bennett save the night … and preserve the lives of her bloodthirsty friends?

The Heart of the Matter is a beguiling enchantment inspired by the bestselling, award-winning Vampire Diaries series.

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