The Dark Night

Book 3: Kindle World: Vampire Diaries

The Dark Night

Elijah Mikaelson is one of the oldest immortal beings in the world, and living that long brings the risk of losing one’s humanity. He’s always done his best to keep a firm grasp on the man he was as a human and not let the darkness that came with being a vampire take over. So he remembers to enjoy simple things like the sunset over the bayou, something most other vampires can’t enjoy because they can only come out at night. But his daylight ring helps him to live as a normal human does, at least for the most part.

It’s during his regular trips to a little bayou restaurant that he meets waitress Amelie Broussard. She’s sweet, kind, pretty, but there’s a fatigue and sadness about her that he longs to wipe away. It’s been a long time since a human has drawn him like Amelie. When she is attacked by four guys on her way home one night, Elijah rescues her. And the next day, he’s there again to give her a new home when her venomous mother lashes out at her one too many times. He tells himself that he only wants to offer her friendship, an opportunity to relax and chase her dream of being a nature and landscape photographer.

But it isn’t long before he knows he’s feeling more than friendship for Amelie, and to his surprise she confesses she feels the same way about him.

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