Book 2: Kindle World: Vampire Diaries


It’s not Mystic Falls if there isn’t a local community event in the making, and as usual Caroline Forbes is in the midst of it. She uses preparation for the annual Harvest Festival to draw out her friends Bonnie Bennett and Elena Gilbert, who are still grieving the loss of Elena’s brother, Jeremy.

For Elena, it’s not just the loss of her brother that has caused her to retreat to her family’s lake cabin; it’s also the fact that since she turned her emotions back on, they are all over the place. Some days her love for Stefan Salvatore is back the way it was for so long, but on others it’s his brother Damon who captures her heart. And most frustrating, some days it’s both.

She begins to wonder if she should leave Mystic Falls and both of them behind for starting fresh somewhere else. As if all of this wasn’t enough to deal with, things really get scary when their friend Matt Donovan nearly runs over a vampire who has had his powers and even his ability to take care of himself stripped from him.

When a second victim, this time a werewolf, is found during the Harvest Festival, the friends have to combine their efforts to figure out who is behind the newest threat and how to stop them. And when one of their group is taken, they have to find that solution fast.

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