Love in Peril

Romantic Suspense Boxed Set

Love in Peril

Love in Peril is a collection of three full-length romantic suspense novels.

Dangerous Kisses
Sydney Blackburn is the Nashville crime beat reporter dedicated to getting the story out about recent murders targeting young women. Jake Radley is the homicide detective who’s had investigations previously ruined when reporters disclosed too much information. But the story takes a turn when the killer targets Sydney, and Jake makes it his mission to protect her. As he gets to know her, Jake realizes that not all reporters are alike and this one might just be worth loving.

Firefly Run
Shelly Myers’ new husband Troy, a police detective, was killed on their wedding day. In the aftermath she returns to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee to help her parents run a cabin rental/river rafting business. Now the murderer she helped put in prison is released on bungled evidence, and has sworn to come for her, as well as for Troy’s partner, Reed, who swears to protect her. An unexpected attraction brings a second chance at love.

Hill Country Hearts
Gwen Phillips is a Texas Ranger and is intently focused on finding kidnapped children after witnessing the kidnapping of her best friend when they were children. Despite her single-minded dedication to the job, however, she finds herself keenly attracted to the local sheriff, Cade Duvall, while investigating a case. Sheriff Duvall has already gone through one divorce due to a similar focus on career and is trying to find a more balanced life. Together they work to find the missing girl. And maybe he can convince Gwen that there’s more to life than work?

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