Dangerous Kisses

Romantic Suspense & Adventure

Dangerous Kisses

Crime beat reporter Sydney Blackburn is dedicated to giving her readers the truth, not because she wants her name on a lot of bylines but because she feels it’s her duty to give the public the information they need to protect themselves. The type of information that could have saved her mother. And now that a killer seems to be targeting young women in Nashville, that information is more important than ever.

Standing in her way is homicide detective Jake Radley, who has been burned by sharing too much case information before. When he meets Sydney, he sees the stereotypical journalist who just wants to make a name for herself. It isn’t until the killer targets Sydney and Jake makes it his mission to protect her that he learns there’s way more to her than he initially thought.

As Sydney and Jake spend more time together, they learn about each others’ pasts and how they shaped the people they are now. And as they learn more, an initial physical attraction grows into more than either of them ever expected.

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Raves & Reviews

“The story has a brisk pace, and Milburn writes extremely good dialogue.
These characters will really come to life for you. And of course,
there’s lots and lots of sexual tension.”

— Author Esri Allbritten

“I found it difficult to put this book down.”

— Author Theresa Ragan

“Milburn kept me intrigued ’till the last page. I thought I knew who the killer was,
but she kept that from me, and masterfully, too.”

— The Readin’ Librarian, review on Amazon.com