The Family Man

A Firefighter in the Family Sequel

The Family Man

Detective Sara Greene grew up an only child raised by a workaholic street cop in Memphis after her mother abandoned both her and her father. She desperately wanted a real family, and when circumstances didn’t grant her one she decided to create her own.

Now a detective in the beach community of Horizon Beach, Florida, she still hasn’t found Mr. Perfect. But she has started to build her family by adopting two girls — a toddler and a teenager. Her latest case has her looking for a teenage boy who has run away from home, and while canvassing the community she meets laid-back Adam Canfield. She’s instantly attracted to him, but he’s the total opposite of her idea of Mr. Perfect. She needs someone who is responsible, dependable, and a good role model for her girls. Adam, with his job running a pier concession and his hobby of chilling in the Beach Bum beach bar, isn’t what she needs or wants.

Then why can’t she stop thinking about him? But Adam isn’t just a lazy beach bum. He has reasons, good ones, for not wanting to be responsible for anyone but himself. He’s attracted to Sara too, but he doesn’t want anything beyond casual relationships. And he definitely doesn’t want to be responsible for kids. But the more he spends time with Sara, the more his determination to stay detached slips away.

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Raves & Reviews

“This is an entertaining family drama starring a fabulous
secondary cast who brings out the best in the lead couple.”

— – Harriet Klausner, Merry Genre Go Round Reviews