The Cowboy Sheriff

Book 3: Teagues of Texas

The Cowboy Sheriff

He Wants To Serve And Protect…

Still, Keri Mehler wants nothing to do with Sheriff Simon Teague.

Keri has lost almost her entire family, her brother Carter is who knows where, and now she is sole guardian of her late sister’s ten-month-old girl. She doesn’t need her old crush coming around and stirring things up even more!

Everyone in Blue Falls, Texas, might find the cowboy sheriff charming, but Keri knows the truth. Simon was the reason her brother ran off for a life of trouble, and he’s the last person she would turn to for comfort. But the lawman seems determined to help her and her little niece.

Keri is equally determined to keep Simon at arm’s length. She wants to hate him, but his charm may finally be getting to her, too.

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Raves & Reviews

“Keri and Simon are wonderfully complex characters.”

— Pat Cooper, Romantic Times Book Reviews